Drake's t-shirt, and the steadicam vest before armor was attached.

I purchased the helmet eyepiece and helmet earpiece a few years ago. Amazing detail and craftsmanship. As if that wasn't enough, the microphone and earpiece actually work! Just need to plug them into a radio.

Some U.S.C.M. gear.

Very grateful to MAA (Men-At-Arms) for making these available for all to purchase. I think it was the beginning of 2010 when I made my last purchase. Two sets of 3PAT including helmet covers and one extra pair of pants for Drake. I'm glad I bought all bdu sets at once rather than later as I needed them as their availability came to an end soon after my purchase.

Smartgunner chest armor. Sturdy fiberglass and well made - easy to attach to Steadicam vest.
Brand new M56 Smartgun. Unpainted you can see the metal parts and excellent attention to detail - well thought out, well built.

GRiD Compass II
Terminal used by the colonial marines to control the sentry guns deployed on LV-426. Still boots up!

Airsoft pulse rifles, Master Replicas motion trackers, and some aluminum grenade replicas.

Clean, accurate and reasonably priced M56 Smartgunner headset below! Great work! The Beyerdynamic headset was a separate purchase.

The Colonial Marine armor on my Hicks bust was cast from actual screen worn armor that the character "Crowe" wore in the film Aliens. It was used for promotion around the U.K. when the Aliens film was released. Photo's below are from the sellers original 2006 ebaY auction. Below that are pics of the original auction page with the sellers detailed description.